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Wholesale Biodegradable Glitter

Do you need lots of Glitter for an event? 

We've got the widest range of biodegradable glitter with no minimum order and we ship worldwide.

We offer it in bulk in 1 or 2 kg buckets to wholesale prices.

Please contact us on or use the contact form below.

Let us know: how much Glitter (how many kilos) you would like to purchase in what colors and fineness, we offer: 

  • Glam Gold in fine, coarse and extra chunky 
  • Disco Silver in fine, coarse and extra chunky 
  • Angel White in fine and coarse
  • Caribbean Blue in fine and coarse
  • Electric Green in fine and coarse
  • Flamingo Pink in fine, coarse and extra chunky
  • Ice blue in fine
  • Ocean Green in fine and coarse
  • Panther Black in fine
  • Passion Red in fine and coarse
  • Tan Antique Rom in fine
  • > See the colors here

Guaranteed Sustainable and environment friendly Glitter for your EVENT! Read more here